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Kathrin Lethert  

Psychologist, M.Sc. & Bachelor of Business Administration

Stressmanagement  -  Coaching -  Paarberatung

  • A positive psychologist & stress management trainer with expat experience herself

  • Flexible appointments - also online, in the evenings, and on weekends

  • Practical and professional support

  • A systemic approach

  • 30 Minutes of your first expat coaching or couples therapy for free

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Here you can expect the following:

English couples therapy, expat coaching, and stress management

betonte Frau

Sometimes I feel so lonely and left behind in a new city...


It’s so hard to fit in....


At times I feel so stressed, frustrated and sad...

We can't stop arguing anymore...

Do these thoughts and feelings sound familiar to you?

That's not uncommon!

betonte Mann

Please note that I do not offer psychotherapy.

In case you are in an acute crisis and require immediate support, please check this page for phone support in different languages.

Expat Coaching​ 

 Discover your strength and empower yourself

You do an incredible amount of work every day. Meeting all the different expectations - most of all your own - is exhausting.

Treat yourself not only to wellness for your body, but also for your mind and soul with coaching packages around the topics:

  • Finding a balance between professional and private everyday life.

  • Increase your performance and ability to recover.

  • Increase self-esteem and discover potentials.

  • Increase communication skills.

  • Hands on stress management strategies: Improve your time management and goal setting skills.

  • Getting over a break up or dealing with a divorce with strengthened resources. 

Health is so much more than the absence of illness.

Let's discuss options how I can support you to achieve more balance, happiness, and


I'm looking forward to your call or email! 

Expat Partner Coaching

No need for rose-coloured glasses to be happy

Stressful situations pose great challenges to relationships that many couples do not feel up to. Many relationships  fall apart because of stress, and sometimes acute, unpredictable crises promote a break up or divorce.

Therefore, it is important to strengthen your skills and resources as a couple, and to work on your relationship not only in times of huge crises. 

During my couples therapy or marriage counseling you can expect:

  • An approach backed by science with practical examples, 

  • exercises and visualizations to take and understand the perspective of the other one, 

  • application and reflection of skills and strategies to fight relationship problems,

  • systemic approach.​

Let's chat about what challenges your relationship is facing, and how I can help you to solve your problems in order to become happier. 

I'm looking forward to your call or email! 

Stress management

burnout prevention

A workshop for more balance

Would you like to

  • understand stress and its biology,

  • identify individual stressors and warnings signs of stress, and 

  • learn, how you find a balance between your professional and private everyday life? 

Treat yourself with some wellness for your mind and soul. 

The course fee is eligible for partial reimbursement by most German health care providers.

Workshop dates and more information can be found here.