"Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing."

- Arthur Schopenhauer - 

Facing stressful factors without the right coping skills threatens health, work performance and overall wellbeing. With my services I provide support in English and German to deal with challenges related to your work and private life better.

I am a psychologist (M.Sc.) and qualified trainer for multimodal stress-management (IKS) which is based on a systemic and cognitive-behavioral approach. The effectiveness of this method is backed by science and certified by the central centre of prevention (Zentrale Prüfstelle für Prävention) according  §20 SGB V. Topics of stress-management workshops include stress triggers, stress-enhancing thoughts,  strategies to change dysfunctional patterns, and strengthening personal resources.

A healthy workforce with strong resources is more likely to be supportive in achieving the organization's objectives.

Stress Consulting promotes self-empowerment within your workforce, thereby, potentially reducing sick days and maintaining productivity also under very stressful circumstances such as relocation. 

Contact me for more information about executive coaching and stress management trainings for your employees and global talents.

Let me know what you are looking for and let us discuss options to  provide  a service uniquely designed to your company's needs. 

Adjusting to a new location and foreign routines takes a lot of energy.

Working in a foreign country goes hand in hand with facing an array of administrative and emotional challenges.

Therefore, I also offer individual one-on-one or online coaching, to discuss your personal challenges in private and determine your resources and individual coping strategies together.

During individual sessions we can e.g. discuss the following topics in depth:

  • The way you perceive stress,

  • what meaning you attach to stress,

  • your personal coping strategies, and

  • the degree of control you have over the circumstances that create stress for you personally,

  • additional topics, as needed

Evening and weekend appointments are also possible at the Therapy Loft in Düsseldorf

or online.

Contact me for more information.

Stress can affect our relationships in multiple ways - for example the way we communicate with each other.

It can make sense to include the life partner, because work related stress is likely to spill over into our private lives and affect the quality of relationships.

In highly stressful situations it might take the support of a neutral professional to help perceive and address the ranging perspectives within a relationship appropriately.

In coaching sessions for couples I help you to maintain or regain a constructive, caring way of communication to reduce relationship problems and support each other in challenging situations.

Evening and weekend appointments are also possible - online or in Düsseldorf.

Contact me for more information.

I commit myself to providing high-quality services customized to my client's needs.

Considering the input from ongoing training and my professional society affiliation, I also develop and adjust the services according to scientific developments on a regular basis.  

Stress Consulting adheres to the highest level of integrity in the handling of personal and corporate data.

Please note that my services are preventive measures. I do not offer psychotherapy. In case you think you need support in that regard, one source can be to contact your health care provider. In case you are in an acute crisis and require immediate support, please check this page for phone support in different languages.

Kathrin Lethert

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