Terms & conditions of (online) coaching agreements  (click here for the German version)

§ 1 Subject matter


The subject of the contract is psychological counselling / coaching on

a subject expressed by the client.


The coaching is not a psychotherapy and does not aim at replacing it. Rather, the sessions focus on stress-related issues, overcoming social conflicts or other purposes outside the field of medicine („Heilkunde”).


The coach cannot guarantee a coaching success. Coaching is a free, active, and self-responsible process, in which the coach accompanies and supports the client through the process.


Thereby, the client remains responsible for determining the desired goals, selecting the topics to be discussed and implementing the solution steps that have been worked out.



§ 2 Responsibility of the coach


The coach applies all intervention techniques and approaches at her disposal that could benefit the client.


The coach is obliged to maintain confidentiality towards third parties. Further information and exceptions  (e.g. for legal reasons) can be found in the information on data processing.


§ 3 Responsibility of the client


The client acknowledges that he/she is fully responsible for his/her physical and mental health both during the individual sessions and during the time between sessions.


She/he acknowledges that all steps and measures taken by her/him within the framework of the coaching are her / his own responsibility.


She/he affirms that she/he does not suffer from any illness which impairs her/his legal capacity or which currently stands in the way of a coaching for medical-psychological reasons.


If a psychotherapy is currently being carried out or the client starts a psychotherapy during the coaching, the client assures to inform both the coach and psychotherapist, respectively. 


§ 4 Duration, fee & method of payment


30 minutes of the initial consultation are free of charge - the initial consultations for individuals  last a maximum of 90 minutes. Subsequent appointments usually last a maximum of 60 minutes.


The current fee for individual online sessions is 99 € (incl. VAT).  For appointments after 8 p.m. and on weekends a surcharge of 20 % will be charged.


If several dates are booked, the coach can grant a discount or make individual offers. There is no entitlement to discounts or compensation payments by the coach at any time. Depending on the agreement, the fee is to be paid at the end of the appointment in cash or within the agreed period in full or in instalments.

Unless otherwise agreed, regular appointments will be invoiced at the end of each month.


If the client does not attend an agreed appointment, the client owes the coach a cancellation fee of 100%. This payment obligation does not apply if 24 hours at the latest the client has cancelled the appointment or the appointment has been cancelled due to a serious illness or other serious situation which is out of the client’s control. In this case, the client is also obliged to inform the coach as soon as possible.


If an agreed appointment has to be cancelled by the coach, she will propose a new appointment as soon as possible. In this case, the client is not obliged to pay any fee, of course. The client has no other claims against the coach in this case.


In case the client terminates the contract before the amount of booked sessions have been attended, the client is obliged to pay for any services already rendered. In case package offers were agreed upon, the client is obliged to pay the difference to the advertised individual coaching fee for the amount of individual sessions already used.



§ 5 Duration of consultation and termination


The duration of the coaching depends on the client’s needs. In general, there is not a minimum amount of hours to be booked. However, it usually makes sense to arrange several appointments in order to achieve the client's goals.


If a client books and pays for several appointments in advance, the coach might grant a discount. If the client does not attend already paid appointments within one year, he/she is not entitled to a compensation payment from the coach.


The business relationship ends automatically after the number of appointments agreed to verbally (in the case of individual sessions) or in writing. Termination by the client is not necessary. Written form is not required. However, the date of completion should be mutually agreed upon.


§ 6 Severability clause


Should any provision of this contract be or become invalid, the remainder of the contract shall remain valid.

This terms & conditions are currently valid and as of January 2020. Subject to modification at any time.